The rich man and the beggar

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There’s a short article written in the New Testament, that I am going to speak about. I will provide you with much understanding concerning this article, as the Lord gives me. This article speaks about a rich man who over looked the needs of a beggar. This biblical article will show you how people act when they are in earthly high position.  

Luke 16:19 there was a certain rich man, which was clothed in purple and fine linen, and fared sumptuously every day.  

This rich man has a spectacular living. His living was so spectacular, that he is able to wear fine linen every day. Every day of the week, the color purple was seen somewhere in his clothing.In the early New Testament days, and even before then, wearing purple is a sign of royalty.

The color purple symbolizes a high praise upon the person’s living. It shows that the person has high rankings in certain areas of life. Meaning, the person who wears purple can do what others in the world can’t do. Also, in the New Testament days (even so today), royalty means, to have power and authority.

Every day, this rich man kept himself looking good. Daily, for himself, the rich man is able to purchase all wants and necessities at will. If any financial predicament pops up surprisingly, the rich man is able to handle that business immediately. When people are rich, or should I say wealthy, they feel superior from within. Being able to handle your business at any given moment is a lifestyle of living sumptuously. If he desired it, he can surely buy it.

The rich man has all the goody goods in this world. Money kept him happy. This rich man is living a lifestyle I could have lived, if I would have signed a contract deal to play sports. However, my drug usage stopped riches from being inserted into my living. 

Luke 16:20 and there was a certain beggar named Lazarus, which laid at his gate, full of sores.  While Lazarus was lying at the rich man’s gate, his entire body was covered with sores. The bible says the beggar’s body was “full” of sores, which means, his body was probably covered with them from head to toe. I can only imagine how the beggar’s skin looked. So many sores on his body, it looked as if was embedded with something contagious. Looking at a body full of sores is probably a nasty sight.

Just the other day, I saw a woman whose skin was full of black bumps. I wondered, “What happened to her”? Or why are those bumps on her entire body? Those bumps were not a pretty sight to see. So, I can only imagine how the beggar’s skin looked, as it was full of sores. Not only is his body full of sores, but I am sure a number of them have open scabs.  

Why is the beggar at the rich man’s gate anyway? The beggar knows that the rich man has something to offer. Even if the beggar did not see it with the naked eye, he knew the rich man had it in his ownership. While Lazarus lay at the rich man’s gate, he not only asked for it, but he also begged for it too. Let’s find out why Lazarus laid at the rich man’s gate, and what it was he begged for 

Luke 16:21 And Lazarus was desiring to be fed with the crumbs, which fell from the rich man's table: moreover, the dogs came and licked his sores 

Now we know what Lazarus begged for. Lazarus didn’t beg for the rich man’s money, or to have some of his materials. Lazarus begged for food, which is a substance that will keep him alive. Lazarus was probably a poor man, and was hungry for the most part. The beggar’s limbic system (brain) was yearning to be fed food, to stop its hunger. Anytime a grown man stretches his body out on the ground, hoping to receive anything, he is asking for mercy to be shown unto him. Anytime a person does such a thing, that individual has come to his or her last resort of trying to get help.

Lazarus probably did all he could to get the rich man’s attention. Lazarus did what was most embarrassing, and that was to lay stretched out at the rich man’s gate, and beg for a meal.When people are going through rough times in life, and are at the point of hunger, they loose pride. They put their pride on hold, and do most embarrassing things, just to survive. Lazarus was hoping that the rich man would have compassion and sympathy upon him. Lazarus didn’t desire much. Lazarus didn’t even want a whole meal; he would have been satisfied with just the crumbs (a small portion), which fell from the rich man’s table. The crumbs are probably portions of food the rich man throws away. Better yet, Lazarus probably would have eaten from the rich man’s plate. There is no telling, how much food, after becoming full, the rich man let to go to waste.

You know what; a thought had just entered into my mind. I actually asked for some crumbs before, too. This hungry beggar probably lowered his self- esteem many times, just to have a meal. Brain Irons lower his self-esteem many times, too. When I asked my barber to pass me the plate of food, that he was about to toss in the trash, I lowered my self-esteem just for a meal. Therefore, I actually asked for crumbs. However, there was nothing in the plate worth eating.

My situation is different from the beggars, but we both were led to ask, and do what we could just to eat a meal for the day. My story is different from the beggar, but we both share the same heart hearting experience. I do not know the length of time Lazarus begged the rich man for crumbs, but later in life, both Lazarus and the rich man died.

I must tell you folks something before I proceed in the story. Some of you folks are mentally slower than the man who has suffered a brain injury. Anytime a woman or man, ask for your left over’s; it is possible that he has no food at home. That’s not always the case (having no food at home), but most of the times it is. We are so quick at quoting scriptures, but none is quick to let the scriptures live through their giving. Let me leave that alone, but I am going to pick it back up in one of my upcoming books, and you had better believe that.

When a person has sympathy or pity on someone, usually a work of compassion is in action. However, the rich man did not show any compassion toward the beggar. I am sure that the beggar laid at the rich man’s gate on several occasions.

It was obvious that Lazarus, the beggar, wanted food for the belly. It was not a hidden act, nor was it a mystery. It was openly revealed unto the rich man that Lazarus desired a meal to serve his body. The rich man knew Lazarus was hungry.

Lazarus did not only give the rich man eye service, but also, he opened his mouth and spoke. The scripture said, “Lazarus begged”, which means, the rich man heard the beggar’s cry.

However, you know what, personally speaking; I know exactly how Lazarus, the beggar feels. People can plainly see you going through a stage of suffering, but will not lift a finger to fulfill the need. For years, people saw as well as heard that I had a need. Yeah, many of you St. Louis folks knew I needed a helping hand. The beggar didn’t want much, and neither did I. Actually, the beggar's situation and mine are very similar. Just as the rich man saw the beggar hungry, many of you saw me struggling too.

In this beggar’s story, it goes on to say; moreover, the dogs came and licked his sores. In other words, the dogs came and catered to one of the beggar’s need. The dogs licked the beggar’s sores, because God placed it in them to have saliva to heal. Yeah, the dogs moved with compassion upon the beggar. Not only does the beggar need food, but he needs love, too. The dogs supplied the beggar with medical attention, but the rich man did not provide the beggar with any.

Only food heals the body from hunger. Once a hungry individual eats a meal, the inner being becomes healed. Upon the beggar, the dogs moved with compassion, but the rich man didn’t move with any. The dogs freely approached the beggar, but the rich man kept his distance.  

Luke 16:22 and it came to pass, that the beggar died, and was carried by the angels into Abraham's bosom: the rich man also died, and was buried 

After the rich man died, I guaranteed you his family posted, R.I.P on his graveyard site. Engraving R.I.P. over dead people has become so common unto us, that we fell to realize that many people aren’t resting in peace. People might die quietly, but some will lift up their eyes on the side of terror. You are about to read as well as envision, if this rich man is actually resting in peace.  

Luke 16:23 and in hell he (the rich man) lift up his eyes, being in torments, and seeth Abraham afar off, and Lazarus in his bosom. Luke 16:22 says, the beggar died, and was carried by the angels into Abraham’s bosom.

The beggar died and was transported by the angels to the place where Abraham now lives. The rich man died, and God sent him to his well-earned place, hell. Showing love to people is so serious to God, that a man went to hell, because of not showing it. People can do all the prophesying, all the speaking in tongues, but if love is not in action, it has no profit.  Luke 16; 23 says, “in hell”, the rich man lift up his eyes 

This scripture of promise says, “The Wicked and all those that forget God shall be turned into hell.

God literally looked this rich man as the wicked. Since this rich man is lifting up his eyes in hell, God viewed his living as he does the wicked. In hell, there is no place for peace. No man in hell is R.I.P... Once a person is sent to hell, he or she now lives in the place of eternal torture. The rich man is in hell, because God turned him towards that way. Maybe the rich man was once living righteous, and later in life, his heart became attached to selfishness.

I believe the rich man treated the beggar horribly wrong, for a very long time. This rich man was probably proud and arrogant, and probably laughed in the beggar’s face while eating food. Since the rich man lifted up his eyes in hell, he has sight while being in that place. If sight is in action in hell, then the pupils are still in operation. While the rich man is having sight from hell, he saw the beggar in Abraham’s bosom. There once was a time, when the beggar respected, and looked up at the rich man, but now, the rich man is in hell looking up at the beggar.

From hell, the rich man is now looking at the person he showed no compassion too. God rewarded the rich man with an eternal brain torturing home…hell.

As of now, since the rich man is in hell watching activity take place, his occipital lobes are yet active. Yep, in hell, the brain still performs sight. People need to be careful of how they treat others, because God is going to recompense them an eternal reward. 

Luke 16:24 And he (the rich man) cried and said, Father Abraham, have mercy on me, and send Lazarus (the beggar), that he may dip the tip of his finger in water, and cool my tongue; for I am tormented in this flame.

Oh wow, the rich man is in hell crying out for mercy to be shown unto him. The rich man is actually in hell, crying to Abraham that he might send Lazarus (the beggar) to bless him. The rich man is now begging that Lazarus be sent to him, so he can supply him with a little water. The rich man is asking the beggar for water. The rich man now realizes that he should have shown compassion and love to this beggar.

Although, the rich man’s story speaks about him and the beggar, I guaranteed you; the rich man probably looked down on many other people who had needs. Anytime a person is sent to hell, it is evidence that Jesus and the love of God is not active in the person’s heart.

But you know what; I believed the rich man was once a child of God’s righteousness. The rich man called Abraham, father, which signifies that he was of the seed of Abraham. Anyone who is of the seed of Abraham is a child of God. Therefore, if the church folks, who are the seed of Abraham aren’t careful, hell can become their home too.

The entire bible is written with true series of torturing stories that can become our personal report, if we show not the love of God abroad. Since this rich man is in hell, as the bible quotes, then you people who have the world’s goods need to be careful when turning down someone who has realistic needs. Not only will a person have the mental authority to know that he or she is in hell, but also, speech is active while being in there. Yeah, the rich man had conversation with Abraham, which means, he was spoke from the place of torment.

The lobes that deal with speech are the frontal lobes. Therefore, these lobes are still active even in hell.Even a person’s emotional side is performed in hell, because the rich man desired mercy to be shown unto him. In hell, the rich man was feeling regretful. His conscious operated a little too late, though.

Once a person is sent to hell, that individual can never go to the cross and ask for forgiveness.Hey, people who are in the world today, we all need to have mercy on those who have needs. Showing mercy unto the needy, or to those who have real needs, is imitating the love of God. God performed mercy on you, therefore, perform mercy on someone else. Show some care; stop being stubborn with substances that has dead president’s faces printed on it (money). Show some compassion, because you just never know, how your life is going to make a turnabout.  

Luke 16:25 But Abraham said, Son, remember that thou in thy lifetime receivedst thy good things, and likewise Lazarus evil things: but now he is comforted, and thou art tormented. 

Abraham is now telling the rich man why he was sent to the place of eternal torture. God is not going send anyone to hell wondering why he or she has been sent there. God is going to tell you exactly why hell became your eternal home.  

If being sent to hell would have become my judgment, “I believe God would have said unto me, “you allowed drugs to be your God, and you broke all my commandments”. (God still speaking to me while in hell) - Everything you call to be a work of compassion, was from the work of evil”. Nevertheless, I am glad I never found out what God would have said unto me, if hell had become my home. Thank you God for your son Jesus.  

Abraham said to the rich man, son, remember that thou in thy lifetime receivedst thy good things, and likewise Lazarus evil things: but now he is comforted, and thou are tormented.

In other words, Abraham is telling the rich man; you had enough substances to help feed the beggar, but you didn’t. You knew the beggar was asking for food, but you turned your hand away. The rich man had enough to help the beggar get on his feet financially, but he didn’t.

Hey rich folks, never forget where you came from!  Abraham spoke to the rich man who is in hell, and from hell the rich man heard his voice. Every word Abraham spoke to the rich man, he heard them all. That is a prime example that a person’s hearing is active even while being in hell. Not only can voices be heard in hell, but weeping and gnashing of teeth noises will be heard too. The bible says that, “hell is a place where weeping and gnashing of teeth operates”. Weeping and gnashing of teeth is probably a noise that will be heard as people mourn and cry for freedom. Weeping and gnashing of teeth takes up many definitions in its meaning. Nevertheless, once a person goes to hell, it’s over, there is no coming back to earth for another chance. As this rich man is in hell having conversation with Abraham, he asked, could Lazarus be given the power to do a work for him.

The rich man stated; he has five brothers, and he asked Abraham if Lazarus could be sent to his father’s house to testify to them, lest they be sent to hell too. Maybe his five brothers have the same attitude he had. The rich man knows how his brother’s attitudes are. He grew up with them. The rich man knew, if his brothers keep living the way that they are living (not having the desire to help the needy and the poor) that hell would become their eternal home too.

A financial inheritance could have been left behind for the family, which caused them all to be rich. The rich man’s five brothers are probably treating people who have needs like trash.When the rich man was alive, he didn’t show any mercy. And, probably, neither are his brothers. Really, think about it! Why does the rich man want to come back to earth to tell his brothers about hell?

If his brothers are living godly and compassionate lives, then there is no reason for him to come back to earth to warn them. Since this rich man wanted Lazarus to come back and speak warnings to his brothers, he was still able to remember earthly events. Yeah, his declarative memory is still in operation, even while being in hell. The declarative memory memorizes facts, and information. As I said before, the memory of a computer can lose its data, but the human brain lives and remembers forever. Do not let your brain be sent to the place of torment (hell). Go get Jesus today!The rich man’s story is a true living example of this scripture written below.  

Mathew 16:26-for what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul? Yep, this rich man gained the whole world, but he lost his own soul. He profited with money, but when it came to spiritual or godly principles, he didn’t have it. The rich man lost his soul to hell. He was filled with the motivation of pride. That is what rich people do; they gain the whole world, and lose their own soul, all because of not showing compassion to a person who has a need.  





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